Our Holy Founders Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello as we know through varied educative and spiritual interventions helped to protect the young from moral and spiritual dangers of the then society. Through their witnessing life, created a home rich in Gospel relationship with the young and accompanied them towards a Fullness of Life.

We believe that child protection is crucial and that children under 18 years of age need to grow in a safe environment where they can make choices, express their views and communicate effectively with other children and adults. Children cannot be empowered if they are not safeguarded from abuse, discrimination or harm of any kind. It is anticipated that if this Child Protection Policy is properly implemented the chances of an actual situation of abuse occurring within the organization will be reduced; including false and malicious accusations will drastically come down.

Keeping in mind the universal human rights principles, Constitutional mandate and the preferential option of our institute for the children and young we commit to implement the child protection policy to improve quality of life and rights of the children and youth. It is therefore appropriate for all of us to recognize that abusive conduct towards children constitute a profound violation of trust and can cause pain and damage. Hence creating a safe and homely atmosphere for all in our care thus living the preventive system of our founders meaningfully today.


Transformation of children into long-term agents of change in society and partners in development, growing in a spirit of service as concerned citizens Through formation of:


Formation of NCPs to achieve the following 5-fold objectives:

  • To give a good character formation, correct value system, personality development, life skills, leadership qualities with a particular focus on social concern.
  • To diffuse the knowledge on Children’s Rights, ensure its enactment, prevent child labour and school dropouts.
  • To train the children in the Democracy and Parliament System of functioning to grow as good and responsible citizens who contribute in building up our nation.
  • To fight against communalism, religious fundamentalism, corruption and to form a harmonious Neighbourhood and India at large.
  • To empower children to become agents of change and partners in development.

Neighbourhood children parliaments in 6 centres :

Regular weekly meetings and trainings on topics of civic awareness, child rights and leadership skills are carried out in each of the centres. Besides exposure visits and guidance to organize various activities to build social and cultural sense as well as activities to bring about change and development. Bal Mela has now become an annual feature in every centre.